Seed Mackall LLP serves as counsel to business ventures and entities of every form, including corporations, partnerships, limited liability companies, sole proprietorships and trusts. We are involved in every stage of the business entity’s development, from the organization and initial funding, through growth and additional funding phases, and often in the eventual sale of the business... read more


We provide a wide variety of employment-related services to our business clients, from the preparation of employment contracts, stock option plans, employee manuals, and similar documents, to counseling on a wide range of employment issues, to pre-termination planning, all the way to litigating employment cases. We are especially sensitive to the need in today’s employment environment to seek litigation avoidance through good drafting and planning... read more


Seed Mackall has a long history and reputation for excellence in the estate planning area. Our goal is to have a complete understanding of, and in-depth relationship with, our estate planning clients. Once we understand a client’s values and goals, we then attempt to draft an individualized estate plan for that particular client... read more


We take pride in being at the forefront of providing not only litigation and dispute resolution services, but also pre-litigation planning and dispute avoidance. Litigation is an expensive and time consuming process in which the ultimate decision-making power is often in the hands of a person beyond the client’s control... read more


As Southern and Central California continue to grow and develop, acquisition, ownership, development and operation of real property have become increasingly challenging. With real estate as one of its primary practice areas, Seed Mackall has developed the expertise to represent clients in all aspects of real property, including acquisitions, like-kind exchanges, financing, development, construction, operation, leasing and disposition... read more