Employment Law

     We provide a wide variety of employment-related services to our business clients, from the preparation of employment contracts, stock option plans, employee manuals, and similar documents, to counseling on a wide range of employment issues, to pre-termination planning, all the way to litigating employment cases. We are especially sensitive to the need in today’s employment environment to seek litigation avoidance through good drafting and planning. We use a cross-dimensional approach in the employment area by having our lawyers work together to best provide our clients the counseling and planning needed to ensure the optimal outcome under a given set of circumstances.

     We are not traditionalists in the area of employment law. We approach the employment relationship as we do all business relationships, seeking to protect our clients through the right combination of counseling, drafting and planning, to help them assess the risks of a given situation and adopt an action plan appropriate to the circumstances, one designed to provide them the greatest chance of a successful outcome. 

     Our attorneys bring substantial experience to bear in this area, both in advising, drafting, and representing clients, and in personal business experience, and we feel this varied experience gives us a unique ability to address our clients' concerns in a real world environment.