We take pride in being at the forefront of providing not only litigation and dispute resolution services, but also pre-litigation planning and dispute avoidance. Litigation is an expensive and time consuming process in which the ultimate decision-making power is often in the hands of a person beyond the client’s control. For these reasons, we have developed with many of our clients a substantial role in pre-litigation counseling and planning designed to help avoid actual litigation while at the same time ensuring that, if litigation does become a reality, the client will be in the best possible position to successfully achieve its litigation objectives. 

     In keeping with the firm’s long history of service to the business community, our litigation practice is primarily business-related. We have extensive successful litigation experience in a wide range of business-related disputes, including real estate, commercial, corporate, partnership, trusts and estates, secured and unsecured lending, employment, contracts, trade secrets, internet, and unfair competition, extending across a wide spectrum of business areas, including technology, telecommunications, banking, real estate sales, development and construction, financial, property management, securities, and hotel and resort management.

     We view litigation as another of the weapons in the arsenal we can bring to bear for our clients. Our litigation attorneys work closely with the other attorneys in the firm to provide a comprehensive package of services to our clients. This is especially important in today’s challenging business world, where dispute resolution has become an integral part of doing business. We find that by working closely with our clients and their other business advisors we can help them avoid many disputes that would otherwise deplete valuable financial and manpower resources. The best litigation is the litigation that is avoided entirely. However, where it can’t be avoided, anticipating and planning for litigation are the best ways to ensure a successful outcome.

     Where litigation cannot be avoided, we have the experience and ability necessary to protect our clients’ interests to the fullest extent possible under the given facts. We pride ourselves in our ability to fashion creative solutions to difficult problems. We take a personal interest in our clients’ well-being and approach litigation, as all of our services, with the objective of obtaining the best possible solution, whatever form that may take, under the particular circumstances of the assignment.